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The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation is sunsetting after 65 years of grant making largely in the Baltimore area leaving a legacy of philanthropic giving of over 55 million dollars.

The full statement can be found on our Grantmaking page. For additional questions please, contact Rebecca Sirody, at

Our Guiding Philosophy

The Foundation’s work is rooted in tzedakah and the Jewish value of assisting people in need in a dignified way. Through our grantmaking programs, the Foundation aims to remove structural and institutional impediments to human development and have a positive lasting effect on people’s lives.

Holding Hands


The Foundation was established by Fanny and Alvin Thalheimer in 1959 to perpetuate their philanthropic tradition. They were committed to the vitality of Baltimore’s cultural, educational, civic and Jewish communal institutions.

2021 Guidelines

The Foundation seeks to increase access to a quality education for Baltimore’s residents by supporting literacy initiatives. The Foundation’s current focus is on improving literacy in the Baltimore area. Preference will be given towards literacy initiatives targeting Early Childhood Initiatives and students in grades K-8. The Foundation defines literacy as the ability to read and to write in an increasingly digital world, to take in information from sources and to compose text in response.

The Foundation understands the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on Marylanders and has expanded its guidelines for 2021 accordingly.  The Foundation seeks to aid COVID-19 crisis relief by supporting social services and initiatives targeting the at-risk young adult population of Baltimore City and surrounding counties. The Foundation will also support and invest in Workforce Development programing for 16-24 year olds that have a GED component.   

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