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     Grantmaking Policies and Procedures              

Notice to all current and potential grantees seeking funding

The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation will be spending down its remaining funds.  We will not be accepting any unsolicated proposals. Please see the full statement below for details. 

After almost 65 years of making grants in the Baltimore area and elsewhere the Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation will spend down its remaining funds. The Foundation will make final grants to organizations that will honor the Founders’ vision of enhancing Maryland and making a meaningful difference in the lives of Marylanders.


The Foundation was created through the will of Fanny Blaustein Thalheimer, who died in 1957. It began operating in 1959 to perpetuate her philanthropic commitment to the vitality of Baltimore’s cultural, educational, civic and Jewish communal institutions.

Since 1959 the Foundation has made over $55 million dollars in grants largely in the Baltimore area.  The Foundation’s work has attempted to assist people in need in a dignified way and has tried to remove structural and institutional impediments to human development resulting in a positive lasting impact on people’s lives.  In the Baltimore Area, the Foundation focused primarily on public education reform and literacy for more than 25 years through funding teacher and principal training and professional development, curriculum enhancement, early learning and literacy programs, tutoring and after-school programming as well as summer supports. For high school youth and other young adults there were grants for high school completion and college placement as well as workforce training and economic development opportunities combined with wraparound services. 

Globally, the Foundation looked to assist Jewish communities in rebuilding following the Holocaust and the fall of the Soviet Union.  The overseas grantmaking prioritized renewing Jewish life in Europe, Russia and the countries of the Former Soviet Union.  Grants included supporting young leadership development training and building connections to Judaism through rabbinic training and teacher training for Jewish schools.  Domestically the grants were more limited and targeted to inspiring Jewish values and culture.

The Foundation also established endowments at the Maryland Institute College of Art, The Associated Jewish Federation of Baltimore, Johns Hopkins University, the Baltimore Museum of Art, The Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, and several others.

The Foundation will spend the next 12 to 24 months winding down by making grants that will carry on the legacy and tradition of its Founders and the generations that have followed.  


We would like to thank the Blaustein Philanthropic Group, primarily Betsy Ringel and Lara Hall, for devoting their time and energy to helping us make meaningful change within the Baltimore community. The Foundation would also like to thank the many family members who served as Directors and Officers on the Foundation Board over the years as well as Juliet A. Eurich, Deborah T. Long, Rebekah Coleman and Rebecca Sirody for their leadership roles running the Foundation.  


The Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation

By Louis B. Thalheimer, President


Rebecca Sirody, Executive Director


Alvin and Fanny B. Thalheimer Foundation

110 West Road, Suite 430
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-415-7660

Guidelines for Application

Guidelines for Application

The Foundation makes grants to organizations that are tax-exempt under Section 501c(3) of the IRS code, organized and operated for charitable purposes. Grantseekers should submit a letter of inquiry or short proposal (no more than 3 – 5 pages) containing the following:

  • The purpose of the grant and the activities to be conducted during the grant period

  • An explanation of expected outcomes and plan for measuring the outcomes

  • The qualifications of the organization to carry out the proposed activities

  • The current budget of the organization and of the program(s) seeking support

  • A short budget narrative that outlines how the project funds will be divided between program, overhead and other administrative costs

  • Sources of support, either existing or anticipated

  • A list of board members and key staff

  • A copy of IRS letter of determination or information on fiscal agent

  • A copy of most recent audited financial report

  • A copy of most recent 990



The Foundation does not support or make grants in the following areas:

  • Individuals

  • Individual scholarship programs

  • Unsolicited proposals for scientific research

  • Finance deficits

  • Annual giving

  • Membership campaigns

  • Sponsoring fundraising events

  • Capital campaigns


110 West Road

Suite 430

Towson, Maryland


Phone: 410-415-7660

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